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Voyage Dallas
New Orleans Magazine



Our past made sense when we realized our purpose. From a friendship
formed in a yoga room and fueled by creative collaboration, an Artist and a
Designer joined forces in a mission to make the world a healthier and more
beautiful place. 
Inspired by a long-time passion for creative living, eco beauty and the power
of plant-based healing, Gina and Kim created Align Apothecary as a side-
project of art and design, to develop luxury wellness and botanical beauty
products for the organic modern lifestyle. 
GINA MARIE DUNN an artist, art and yoga teacher, creative consultant and marketing director
with a background in Fine Art, Public Relations, and art education. Originally from Brooklyn, New York, she lives, works and creates in Dallas.

KIMBERLY MAUSER a yoga teacher, interior design consultant and apothecary product
development specialist with a background in Business and Public Relations.
She lives, works and plays in her hometown of Dallas.

Find Us @ our NEW studio...

3738 Haggar Way, Suite 106

Dallas, TX  75209

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