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Abstract art created by your child


How can my child create a masterpiece?

Abstract Art comes straight from the heart, a place where children innately create from. Let us help your child create a masterpiece. Painted on museum-quality canvas, this piece will be worthy of display anywhere in the family home as well as a legacy piece for years to come.

The process begins with an on-site visit with an Artist and Designer to discuss size, color palette and composition ideas that work beautifully in your space. Next, you bring your child/children to the Align Art Studio to create. In the studio, your child will encounter various materials, process, and approaches to abstract expressionist painting in a FUN and relaxed environment. Following the creation of the art, we will seal the piece and deliver it to your home.

Not only does this experience foster a lifelong love and appreciation of the arts in children, but these custom canvases are the BEST gift you can give a parent and make thoughtful presents for grandparents, birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, client gifts, new home celebrations.

Click below to reserve your Art Experience Now!

*Please note:  A $500 non-refundable deposit is due at the time of reservation. 

Total price of painting varies.

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the process and the creations...

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